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A Diet Coach Can Save You From Dreaded 'Fast Weight Loss-Itis'

The story of a fast weight loss from a simple diet is the emergence of a weight loss business. No one is selling dramatic weight loss items before and after good pictures and stories!

At the same time nothing contributes to diet failure like unrealistic expectations.

That's right. That's where a diet coach goes in.

Everyone wants to lose the pound's weight. now ', and they will not suffer while doing so. The truth is that some lose weight fast and some don't. This is why you need a simple diet and a good dietitian.

My own weight loss story is one that makes the headlines. I lost 30 pounds in 30 days, and continued to lose 42 pounds in six weeks.

I was so busy with work that a simple diet made me lose weight without even thinking about it. Drink my shake ... take my tablet ... drink my tea and ... presto: 12 "and two ass sizes.

It doesn't work for everyone. That's why I'm glad I have a diet coach to help me out. I remember several weeks into it that the scale told me I had lost weight. I was shocked to see that my dietitian showed that I was losing inches, which is actually better because it meant I added lean muscle.

When you don't eat properly, you lose muscle mass. It happens to almost everyone. Most of us don't eat enough protein and when we reduce our calories, we can reduce it again.

More lean muscle means higher metabolism that makes it easier to support healthy weight.

When I lost my personal weight I lost 42 pounds of fat, but added 7 pounds of lean muscle. I know this because my dietitian measured me and showed that I had dropped an inch, a sure sign that I had lost fat. Later, high-tech body composition analysis confirmed that my overall body fat percentage had dropped.

I trained a middle-aged woman who called me back and said she didn't lose weight (she had lost 40 pounds, but had hit the plateau — so she thought). I took his measurements with him and found that he still shed pounds, but his better protein intake increased him a bit, while adding lean muscle. As soon as she realized that her scale didn't tell her the whole story she was excited.- and re-energized to keep it going.

Another customer was disappointed that they had not seen a major decline in the first few weeks. That's difficult because most people see a very strong weight loss immediately. But it's clear that he continues to lose weight at a rate of three pounds a week. Within a few months he was on target. Because she relies on her diet coach, I, she works through it and keeps going.

Everyone has different obstacles. They can be emotional or physical, real or imagined. But in reality, no fat cells can withstand the ill effects of a good diet.

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