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Is a Tortoise for Sale the Right Pet for Me?

Like many new additions to your life, deciding to buy turtles for sale should be a good move. Pets in general can come with serious lifestyle changes, especially if it's your first pet. If you are looking at turtles for sale and are thinking about getting one as a pet, there are many things to consider before making your move. To find out if your pet turtle is right for you, read on for diet, temperament, habitat requirements, and more!

The temper.

Although each turtle is different in temperament, there are some species that are known to be more friendly than others. Many are known to have personality and will act differently depending on a number of factors. Whether it is Sulcata, Russia, Burma, or any of the many other species, you will face many personalities.

However, there are some general opinions on which turtles are best to keep. Sulcatas are known to be social and love to be touched and rubbed. Redfoots can be quite playful and caring. They make great friends and are fun to deal with. Russians tend to be bolder, less brave, though they may be embarrassed at first.


Knowing what turtles you love to do will help you create a better habitat for them. Just like your temperament, your turtle's behavior may vary; but there are some habits that you would expect from you. They love burrows and often prefer to overcome obstacles around them.

Turtles also love to run away and hide, so make sure the stables are high enough that they can't be raised and there are plenty of places for your turtles to hide. Although feeding your turtles leaves you with an unintentional bite, they are not the kind to voluntarily bite.


Turtles are born small and cute animals. However, over the years, they can grow hundreds of times their size. You can buy turtles for sale in small tanks, but eventually you need to find a hutch where it can live comfortably. As I mentioned before, they love to climb and run away from their stables. Therefore, it is important to have a durable cage for your turtle. Glass is not recommended because turtles prefer privacy and can be depressed with 4 glass walls that do not allow it to hide. If you really need glass, cover 3 sides and make sure it has room to hide.

If you keep it outside, the wide hutch is perfect. The turtles inside can do either a plastic pool or a homemade cage.


The tortoise diet is relatively easy. For the best diet, you want to provide a variety of plant-based foods, as well as protein from live foods. About 80% of your turtle diet needs fresh vegetables. Sweet potatoes, fresh morsels, pumpkins ... all great for your turtle. Every third or fourth meal, offer your tortoise. Humans may love fruit, but the tortoise diet can only produce about 20% of the fruit.

Commercial foods like turtles and pellets are also great for your turtles, as well as different sources of protein from caterpillars, crickets and other insects.

Lighting and temperature.

Turtles are just as hot! You will ensure that you provide more than one source of heat, one of which is incandescent light. This gives them a place to shine in the warm sunshine and get the heat they love. Make sure they can get stomach heat too. The heater under the cage may work well with the glass area but may not be used for plastic or wooden cages.

Start Finding Turtles for Sale

With all this knowledge in hand, you now have a good idea if your pet turtle is right for you. Turtles are one of the most popular reptile animals, so finding turtles for sale will not be a problem. If you feel like you are a great turtle owner but can't make the decision to get one, don't worry. You can research popular turtles for sale to see what will grow with you and make the best companion for you.


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