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Is the 3 Day Diet Any Good?

The 3-day diet is a popular diet for those who want to shed a few pounds before the big event usually grass, dance or party. It's not a long-term diet plan to keep losing weight, so it's not in a good position here.

Although a 3-day diet can lead to rapid weight loss over a short period of time it should be noted that weight is mostly water. Anyone who has tried this diet should be aware that ONLY is intended for weight loss before large as mentioned above. It will definitely come back as soon as you finish your diet. The diet associated with the American heart association gives credibility to the diet and while a good diet for the heart of the biggest misunderstanding is in the actual use of the diet. As long as people use the diet for what they mean, it can be very effective.

On the diet you will eat everything from fish to tuna and mayo. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Although there are several variations of the 3-day diet, they are all intended to achieve the same. The biggest complaint of this diet is the yo-yo effect in which the weight will bounce from lower to higher for no reason or logic. This can be frustrating for a dieter who wants to maintain weight consistently over the long term.


1. Fast weight loss can be achieved for the party or special event

2. Diet is not risky or unhealthy


1. Long-term weight loss cannot be achieved

2. The body has a yo-yo effect

3. Most of the weight lost is water weight

Sample Day


1 opaque whole grain

½ c 2% skim milk

2 oz chicken bacon


1 simple apple

2 tablespoons peanut butter


3 oz tuna salad

3 pieces of wheat bread

0.5 c romaine salad

2 pieces of tomato


½ 9 "tortilla flour (1oz)

1 tablespoon mustard

1 oz sliced ​​turkey chicken


8 oz cnd meat ravioli (~ 1c)

½ c steamed broccoli

1 simple apple


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