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How to Increase Ejaculation Using Diet - Do Semen Increasing Foods Exist?

Simple facts that give your body a good nutritional balance will help increase your sperm production. There are many studies conducted around the world that show the increased quantity and quality of sperm, and the increase in semen, when healthier nutrients are consumed.

The Food You Need To Remove From Your Diet

There are many foods that will increase your semen production, but whether there are foods and activities that will affect your sperm and semen production. To maximize your sexual potential, you need to increase the good stuff and reduce or cut, the bad.

  • Cut into delicate foods like sugar and white flour. These foods are deprived of many of their nutrients and will have a negative effect on your ejaculation quantity.

  • Reduce processed foods too. Ideally you should stick to natural, minimum processed, food. Once vegetables have gone through a dozen factories - frozen, steamed, lighted, mixed with preservatives - they contain some of the nutrient load they once had.

  • Stop smoking. If you are a smoker then you must be tired of hearing a lot of ways that are not good for you, but if you seriously increase your ejaculation and reach your sexual potential then you should stop.

  • Avoid heavy drinking. Some beers or wine glasses are not harmful at all, but heavy drinking or a party burdens the body with toxins and decreases sexual performance. Long-term heavy drinks lead to obesity and premature death, so staying sexy continues to be modest.

  • Reduce caffeine. Maybe release the espresso twice the first time, or just have one soda. Caffeine is a stimulant, and like any other stimulant it will have a detrimental effect.

Foods to Increase Your Ejaculation

So much for no-nos, now here are some things you need to improve to increase your ejaculation and potential.

  • Foods with high zinc content. Zinc is an essential component of semen, and making sure you get enough zinc is key to maximizing your semen production. Zinc-rich foods include peanuts, red meat (especially goats), turkeys, pumpkin cubes, and barley.

  • L-arginine and L-cartinine. These amino acids are very important for sexual health and the potential for ejaculation. Foods like seaweed, spinach, tuna, and sesame seeds are excellent sources.

  • Selenium is another essential mineral, essential for boosting your ejaculation. Foods like eggs, Brazil nuts, and red meat are usually high in selenium.

  • Water. Simple, but very important. Ensuring adequate hydration will greatly assist your attempt to increase your ejaculation.


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