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How to Get 6-Pack Abs

One of the most common goals that fitness enthusiasts have is to develop 6-pack abs, especially in men. Many women are also motivated to carve their abs (maybe not the same as men) along with losing weight and burning fat.

But why do so many people have such a hard time getting the 6-pack or abs they want? Well, those are the two main factors - exercise and diet.

Let's solve the diet problem first. It's important to remember that you can't train a poor diet. Many athletes seem to think that they can go and eat whatever they want because they "need" calories. That's nonsense.

This type of mentality, especially when used by a recreational trainer, can hamper your 6-pack pursuit.

To see the tone of the abdominals visually, your body fat needs to be around 10% or lower. Most active individuals score goals in adolescents and thus need a little more work in their training and especially in their diet if they want to achieve their goals for washboard abs.

You can use whatever you want and do thousands of sit-ups daily for little effect if your diet is out of whack. I will cover the basics of a healthy 6-pack diet in a future article but for now I want to show you how you can increase your chances by choosing a workout that maximizes your fat burning potential while strengthening your abs and core.


When it comes to training the first thing to realize is that abdominal exercises do not affect your ability to see your abs. Everyone naturally has the same amount of muscle. The only difference is whether you can see it or not. Both you and I have 8 packs of rectus abdominus (most people think it's only 6 packs) - that's our human anatomy. But whether or not you can see you depends on the amount of fat you have covered these abdominal muscles.

Sit-ups and crunches have little fat burning effect because they are small, restricted movements involving a small amount of muscle. If the goal is to burn fat (and it does!) Then the key to fitness training lies in your ability to choose exercises that burn large amounts of calories. This is a workout that requires a lot of muscle.

For example, crouching down, hitting with curls, and steps with shoulder press are all examples of movements that use a large amount of muscle. Try them out and watch how your breathing and heart rate go through the roof right away.


But if you are bent on focusing on your abs then let me give you some handy tips for burning great stomachs in your workouts. Just keep in mind - ab-specific exercises will not bring you closer to your goals. But here it goes.

Assuming you have no lower back pain history, the key to challenging your abs is to work with them for fatigue and constantly challenge them with new and exciting exercises. Repeating the same boring exercises over and over is not an effective way to train.

One of my favorite stomach devices is the BOSU ball. BOSU balls challenge your core and abdominals like you have ever experienced. Existing instability requires deeper core muscles to keep working and keep you balanced as you try to move your hands.

A simple set of crunches on BOSU balls is far different and more effective than doing them on the floor. One of the keys to core and abdominal exercises is muscle activation. Once you do a workout that takes more muscle (i.e., greater muscle activation), the more "burn" you feel and the stronger your abs and core will become.

So saying that here are 5 core BOSU core exercises for you to try:

NOTE: The BOSU ball is positioned so that the surface is flat against the floor - round to the top. All exercises need to be done for fatigue.


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