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A Fool Proof Six Pack Abs Diet?

A six pack diet of abs diet is easy, but not easy to follow. I'll outline exactly what you need to do, but it's up to you to act on it. Especially people who fail to get six packs of abs are genuinely guilty. Although this may be a minor occurrence, failure to reach the stomach is just a side effect of eating too much. If you don't eat a lot of calories and still don't see six packs, I can help you there as well.

Going from XX% Body Fat Down to 10% is Easy.

If you have more than 10% of body fat, you only need to create a calorie deficit over time and you will lose body fat. This is where people make it harder than they need to be. They believe that every day should have a small calorie deficit. So every day they make sure they are firm and stick to their diet. This is a difficult way to create a calorie deficit. Here's a better way.

Thinking Weekly Calorie Deficiency is NOT Daily

I have consulted with thousands of people and this has made a huge difference in the results people get. From this week, allow yourself 2-3 days where you eat like "other people". Don't go out of your way to eat junk, but feel free to have pizza, good food, beer, and so on. Choose 2-3 days in the same week and go very low. Honestly, you can eat as little as 800 calories and still maintain muscle mass. I recommend doing a fast fasting method for only 2-3 days a week. Google the term "intermittent fasting" if you don't know what it means. On the days of the week you try to avoid high calorie foods, but eat regularly for the most part. This strategy creates a "weekly calorie deficit" and allows you to consistently lose fat while enjoying great food.

Going from 10% Body Fat to 6-8% is Where Things Get Tighter

Now you need to try and organize at least 5 low calorie days before adding a high to moderate calorie day. To really lose stubborn body fat, you will have to go through periods of time when your body is out of "energy." The only way to do this is to string together days in a calorie deficit. This is when you will also benefit from cardio. After 5-7 days in deficit add in 2 days where you eat more calories. This will reset your metabolism and bring you back to fat burning mode. String together 5-7 days later deficit. Here's how you zig zag for 8% or lower body fat. This is the simplest and most effective "six pack abs diet" I know.


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