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How Did I Reach My Goal Weight?

In this article I will outline the steps I take to enable me to achieve my target weight. I will outline three clear and easy-to-understand tips that I use and if you follow my guide then you should also achieve your weight.

1. Find Weight Loss Goals for You

When it comes to setting realistic weight loss goals, it's important to realize that everyone is different. For example if you are on a diet with a friend or co-worker then there is no point in setting the same weight loss target if you are 5 & # 39; 6 "and they are 5 & # 39; 11". What will happen is that you will be disappointed that you did not lose the same weight as your friend and this may cause you to stop eating.

Therefore, you should follow your doctor's advice or use an ideal weight chart to control your weight and hence you can make your own weight.

2. How much weight do you have?

Therefore, after a visit to your doctor or using the ideal weight chart mentioned above, you should know how much weight you have. Having this information will help you figure out how much weight you should lose at the start of your program.

If you now know exactly how much you need to lose and if so much then it is best to set short-term goals with minimal weight loss at each level. Imagine if you were 4 pounds overweight (I don't have to imagine) then telling myself "I'm going to lose 4 stone in 5 months" would seem like a huge obstacle. However, if you set a shorter time scale with smaller weight loss then you will feel more successful, faster.

3. Are you realistic?

Finally before you begin, you need to ask yourself if you are really realistic. Wanting to turn the clock back 10 or 15 years to a better time may seem good in your dreams but you just set yourself up for failure. You may be a different person now with different commitments, responsibilities and levels of energy, so you need to remember that you set the right weight loss goals for yourself.

To summarize try to remember the reasons why you failed to achieve your weight loss goals in the past. So in order for yourself to say "I want to gain my weight" then you must make sure you find the right weight loss goals, work out exactly how much excess weight you actually have and then ask yourself if you are realistic.


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