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Getting Started With an Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP)

In view of the recent rise in lifestyle diseases, many of us are beginning to understand the role of a healthy diet. It has been proven repeatedly through several research papers that a healthy diet is of the utmost importance when restoring your health back to normal in the face of chronic illness. Here I am specifically talking about one such diet, the paleo autoimmune diet (AIP). There are several reasons why this particular food is given to you, or it may be chosen by you without any suggestions. However, if you feel the transition to this diet from year to year and your unhealthy diet is a challenge, some basic tips are undoubtedly useful.

Save a useful list

Whether you work with a healthcare professional, or rely on internet searches, you will definitely list food items to avoid AIP diets. Take a print out of a detailed (preferably more detailed) list, and pin it somewhere in your kitchen, clearly visible. This way, when you're just starting out with your diet, you can quickly reference the list before you prepare a meal or go grocery shopping.

Fix routine

While food choices are a bit limited in the AIP diet, it may be very good to cook with less. For example, you might have a dish made with butter forever, and you can't imagine what you would do if you had to make it with coconut oil, and you might be thinking of giving up. To avoid this, it is important at first to improve the recipes and dishes for all your daily meals. It may seem repetitive at first, but it will help you eat before you even think about experimenting with some ingredients.

Make your own recipe

It is not difficult to find a wealth of information on AIP based dishes, whether online or offline. Now that this type of diet is becoming more and more popular, the food world is getting rich with AIP's collection of recipes. However, it's important to listen to your convenience, especially your local grocery store. For example, don't just jump into plantain pasta if you've liked pasta, and find recipes in AIP books. Think of the ingredients - are they available locally? Think about the convenience - are you able to spend the time and effort required behind the table? And finally, think of your own taste - just because someone likes plantain pasta doesn't mean you will either. It's a good idea to understand what ingredients are at hand, how they taste, and how you can change your existing recipe to fit the new recipe without affecting too much time, effort, and taste.

Jump in the car, don't jump

Unless you have a specific situation where you have been advised to immediately leave all non-AIP items, it may be wise to start with one meal at a time, and then eat at a time, throughout the day. s, to make a smooth transition to AIP-friendly ceilings.


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