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Closing Techniques - 5 Superb NLP Closing Techniques to Close Sales Successfully

Any salesperson will tell you the same thing - the more closing techniques you use the more likely you are to close the sale. If you use NLP techniques to close sales, your chances of success are greater.

All you have to do is add the following NLP closing techniques to your weapon to cover more sales.

1) Show the prospect that he will be one step ahead of the public / competition.

This NLP closure technique is similar to the famous smart cover. However, it does go one step further. You need to show your customers that by buying and using your product, the need to "stand out from the crowd" and be one step ahead of others.

The cover is very easy. If you sell new equipment to a manager, you can easily tell him, "As a successful and innovative manager, you will be able to take full advantage of this product that will allow you to get one step ahead of the competition."

2) Use the traditional emotional approach to ask questions.

This is another NLP closing technique that uses traditional closure plus a more effective touch. All you have to do is ask the prospect how he or she feels about the product.

Basically, instead of pacing and carrying with sentence descriptions, you need to use questions with presupposition. This may be a bit complicated, if you are unfamiliar with the term NLP, but it is actually quite simple. Let me show you.

You should ask your prospect, "How happy are you with this product?" You think that person is happy and he or she will give you the right answer.

Then you just have to tell the prospect, "Imagine how happy you would be to use this product every day, after buying it."

This is one of the NLP closure techniques that works like magic as it has everything - prejudice, emotional elitism and quantitative phrases (using this product daily), which highlights the benefits.

3) Use smart with approval.

This is another version of popular smart smartphones. The beauty of this NLP closure technique is that prospective customers will have no choice but to say yes. Let me show you how it works.

What you are saying is, "As a smart / successful / smart person, you will agree with me that by buying this product, you will solve your problems and get the benefits you want."

The trick here is that the prospect will automatically agree to the first part of the sentence (that he is a wise and / or successful person), so he will have no choice but to agree with the second part of the sentence as well.

4) Urge prospects to buy using obvious threats.

Uncertainty is one of the obstacles that salespeople face. The man wanted to buy the product, but he still wondered if he would get enough. This is where it is called urgently.

It has some negativism in it, but you can easily use it, if all the positive closing techniques you use fail.

The pattern you need to use is, "Don't wait to get / postpone buying products. X threats aren't waiting."

I'll illustrate the idea with examples. Let's say you're selling diet pills. You can tell the prospect, "Don't delay getting this pill and slimming down. Obesity isn't waiting."

If you sell business products you can say, "Don't wait for these business solutions to increase productivity. Your competition is not waiting."

5) Show your prospects a successful example to follow.

This NLP closure technique is also simple and effective. What you do with it shows your prospects that by buying your product, they will have the real benefit that others have. This is an uncertain strategy.

If you are into B2B sales and selling business products, you can say, "Do X do that company, get and use this product to increase your profit by 50%." The prospect will automatically assume that he or she will receive this extraordinary benefit, so he or she will automatically agree to buy.

Remember that you need to use the right facts, when taking advantage of this closure.

Now you can use all the NLP closing techniques effectively. Remember that the more you learn, the better.


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