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Les Mills Body Pump Workout at Home Review: Intense Strength and Cardio

If you've always wanted a home-based training program that can help you achieve that level, this might be the program for you. You don't just get a great body, you have to work to create one. Home Pump Les Mills from Beachbody is designed to give you the tools you need to create a home strength training regimen with the high cardio power needed to build lean muscle.

The Les Mills Pump Home Workout is exactly what it says because of the REP EFFECT. EFFECT REP relies on repetition correctly as the key to getting the most out of your routine. Pump programs use less weight than you would normally find in most strength-training programs & focus on increasing the number of repetitions. The result is the ability to achieve a higher heart rate that brings your body to the highest aerobic levels, making you burn more calories & fat while adding lean muscle tissue that makes your body a metabolic machine.

The heart of this regiment was the equipment used - two sets of plates, two five and ten pounds, created with a unique Les Mills Pump design. Weight is used both on & off the bar for some rock-solid moves with & without bars. But make sure you use the included safety clip to hold the plate in place so you don't have to worry about accidental slippage.

But make no mistake about it - barbell pumps are the real key to Les Mills' home training program. You'll use the barbell with a pre-designed program and much further. Bar stores are neatly kept away from when they are not in use and the grip is really padded for comfort and to avoid tasty calluses. The included training & DVD guides will guide you through seven different training programs, each designed to provide maximum benefit to different body parts. You'll also find in this program a 90-day guide complete with training tips, calendars and training charts. There is also a great package of nutrition guides that include 100 recipes and a handy meal plan.

The point is this - a training program is never complete without proper nutrition. That's why almost always you'll find the "Unusual results" disclaimer as seen on the Infomercial TV training program. Most people buy exercise programs with the best intentions - but if you're not ready to adjust your diet, you'll never see great results.

And the Les Mills Pump program comes with a full seal of approval that comes with any Beachbody product - Beachbody is the leader in home fitness programs for a reason. They are constantly being developed and invented by years of advanced research and always yielding results.

If you are looking for an excellent home training system that will give you the best results, then check out Les Mills Pump home practice today.

As seen on Infomercial TV.


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