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'Pinging' You With Happiness - or The Power Of Thought

"Thousands of candles can be lit from one candle, and the life of the candle will never be shortened. Happiness never decreases by sharing."

Buddhism (563? -483 BC) Indian Mystic, the founder of Buddhism

'Strange titles', you might think. I'll explain. Last week I heard an interesting talk by Dr David R Hamilton Ph.D * about how our thoughts really impact our lives and the lives around us. He talks about strange and beautiful things (including ice crystals that seem to have formed in response to a certain word or phrase) but is supported by scientific facts and figures and real examples of how the mind can affect not only your body, but the body of someone you direct that thought. The lasting effect I came up with, however, was not all the great things he said to us (many involving water vibrations depending on your mood and also the Quantum of the Field) but the final thoughts he wanted to share with us about his own rules of living. It involves loving yourself, loving others and loving nature. He told us that as part of his philosophy of loving others, he 'deviated' happiness to those who think they need it. This involves flinging your finger at people, whether hidden or otherwise. The idea is that you send them as simple thoughts as you 'ping'. and somehow that thinking will make a difference to your target.

I spent the entire trip back home 'ping'. happiness to all the other drivers in the street! I don't know if they received the wave of happiness I was sending, but it definitely made the trip much more enjoyable! What is your philosophy toward others? Do you try and savor it when you go through your daily routine or do you not think it is because you've got too much on your plate for now? Maybe this is a good week to bring more happiness into your life and the lives of others - even just by 'pinging'!

What makes you happy? List anything that comes to mind, but it seems trivial. What are you doing now that you enjoy? If you don't like what you do, you will find that moving towards your goals will be a struggle. Remove things that make you unhappy or find a way to have fun with them. Live a purposeful life, motivated by your goals. Do things with passion, commitment, and humor.

If you want to tackle your eating and drinking habits for a while, but not too much, consider this: your diet can affect your emotions and more. Eating regularly and well, with a balanced diet, can boost your mood, boost your energy, give you more energy, muscle food, improve circulation, prevent disease, strengthen your immune system and make you more able to cope with life stress - phew! Watch out for things like salt, sugar, alcohol and caffeine that are proven to affect mood.

Happiness is good for you! Being happy and laughing out loud have proven benefits: improved breathing, lowered blood pressure, raised heart muscle and stimulated the immune system. Make yourself a priority. Decide to enjoy every moment. Let yourself express your feelings, one way or another. Paint, sing, talk, or write, even though no one else will see or hear it. Speak aloud! How can you continue to be miserable while singing at the top of your voice?

A great way to lift your mood is to pick up or increase your level of physical activity. People who exercise or engage in some form of regular physical activity find themselves happier, more motivated and mentally alert. Even simple hunting activities can improve your attitude toward life.

Choose to spend time with people who make you laugh, not those who take you down. It's important that you enjoy the people you spend time with. Acknowledge their input in your life and thank them on a regular basis. 'Ping' their happiness when you can! Who do you want to spend this week with? How can you make it happen?

If you don't have the hobbies or interests to challenge and absorb you, you may have a tendency to be stressed, depressed, weak and bored. Why not try something new this week and risk it. You never know, you might have fun!

What is your environment? Do they lift and inspire you, or do they make you feel inferior and drag you down? Do the colors around you stimulate and energize you, soothe you and bring you joy, or are they boring and gloomy? What can you do to make your environment more cheerful? Think about how certain colors affect your mood. Which makes you feel good? How can you add more to your life?

Don't waste time hanging on to old grudges. Free the space for a happier mind. Attitude is everything! Make your thoughts work for you!

* See his book 'It's The Thoughts That Counts'. at


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