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What Are the Top Five Causes of Acne?

1] Hormonal Imbalances: This has been described as the leading cause of acne in adolescents. Acne develops as they go through certain stages of life; this is known as puberty. Once this phase is over, the acne stops as if by a miracle. While this has puzzled many researchers, controlling the hormone imbalance that occurs with the body is said to be very effective. Hormones lead to increased sebum production that accumulates in the pores. Keep it free of excess sebum and you will say goodbye to acne forever.

2] Nutrition: Eating too much oily foods will also cause acne. This has been scientifically proven in many cases. According to the pioneers, excess oil will cause an increase in fat in various parts of the body. This includes faces as well. Fat is an oil, but with a chemical composition of wax. Skin Specialist Answers Young people should refrain from eating too much fast food for the same reason. Change your diet to include more vegetables, and then you will notice a significant reduction in acne.

3] Genetic issues: This may be surprising but you finally have a reason to blame your genes. According to some researchers, some "acne breakdown genes cause" acne. Keeping a clean face, or controlling your diet will not help that person. Research in this specific field is still in the early stages and therefore, there is no remedy if your acne problem is caused by this defective gene. The dominant and recessive gene traits will be exhibited throughout the generations. Here's the bad news - you have to endure the same problems for the rest of your life.

4] Differences In Vitamins And Minerals: Earlier I mentioned about the dietary habits that cause acne. Here are some changes to the same paradigm. Make sure you have a healthy, balanced diet that is mixed with a good amount of vitamins and minerals. Also, you need to go through this. This was included as one of the causes of acne when researchers found that acne was removed when the test subjects were given a dose of vitamins and minerals. You may come across certain skeptics who may question this factor. At this time, there is no conclusive evidence to shut their mouths!

5] Avoid self-deprecating: Working all the time to please the boss will result in high pay and possibly some acne problems as a bonus. Be warned, it is found that those who are able to overcome themselves must face this peril later in life. Always make sure you take time off from work to spend on leisure activities. Focus on the better things in life; they come in smaller packages, so you'll miss them for sure, unless you're careful.


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