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Tired of Vet Bills?

Did you make many trips to the veterinarian's office? Do you spend a lot of money on your veterinarian because your dog has chronic illness? Give your dog or cat the nutrition they need, and you can probably spend your money on something else instead of giving it to your veterinarian.

Nutritional deficiencies are often the cause of chronic diseases in pets. Most holistic doctors believe that improving an animal's diet improves health and well-being and often chronically removes sick dogs.

Pets need to eat a variety of fresh and fresh foods. Balanced, raw homemade diets provide the necessary nutrients for animals to heal from the inside.

If you don't have the time to make homemade food, buy the best commercial pet food you can find, made with human ingredients and without chemical preservatives, side products, and fillers. (These foods may be hard to find in grocery and pet stores, but they are easy to find and buy on the web.) Then fix them. Fresh juice and raw liver are two of the healthiest foods you can add to your pet's diet:

** Fresh Juice (for dogs only):

Use juicer if you have one. Most dogs love carrot juice, and contain zinc, vitamin E, beta carotene, copper, and other substances that boost the immune system. It's best to use organic carrots, and you can add celery, parsley, or apples. Eat directly or mix with your dog's food. Try to feed 1/2 cup of juice every 25-30 pounds daily.

** Raw Liver (for both dogs and cats):

Some veterinarians consider the miracle food heart because of its ability to save lives and improve health. Raw meat and chicken liver are rich in amino acids, proteins, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and Vitamin A & B-complexes.

Be careful only of livestock and poultry raised organically because the liver stores toxins. You can add raw liver to the fresh juice you make or add it to your dog's food. To help pets, give a small amount of organic calf or chicken liver once or twice a day (one teaspoon of 10 to 20 pounds weight).

If your dog has various health problems, supplements can also help:

** Digestive enzymes such as pancreatin and bromelain help replace heat-damaged enzymes. Give enzyme supplementation between foods.

** Probiotics and Prebiotics contain bacteria that help digestion and fight infections. They replace bacteria that are destroyed by an inadequate diet or antibiotic.

** Colostrum and Lactoferrin improve immune function.

** Vitamins and Minerals are especially useful when animals have various infections. Choose vitamin / mineral supplements made from whole food sources. Pets can easily assimilate.

** Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and proteins are needed to build up every cell in the body.

** Garlic fights infections, helps prevent cancer, removes bulk worms, prevents blood clots, and makes pets less attractive for parasites like lice.

If you provide your pet with the nutrients he or she needs, you should see a healthier and happier pet. And maybe the money you used to spend on your veterinarian's bills could now go toward new cars, home improvements, vacations, or even savings accounts!


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