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Omega3 Seal Oil For a Healthy Heart

Heart attacks can be prevented if one is in a stable supply of Seal Oil. This superior oil is much better than fish oil to supply DPA. DPA is rich in Omega3 Seal Oil, which is needed to keep the arteries soft and supple as well as free plaque, thus preventing heart disease.

Seal oil is better than fish oil because it keeps the heart healthy. Liquid oil can supply up to ten times more DPA than fish oil, which is needed to prevent heart attacks.

About one third of the omega 3 fatty acids in human blood is associated with DPA. It has been found that EPA is the key to producing prostaglandins as they keep the artery walls soft and free of plaque, for good blood circulation and therefore a healthy heart. However, it is found that DPA may be ten to twenty times stronger than EPA for this effect. Harp Seal Oil is rich in natural DPA, which is needed to prevent heart attacks. Except for Seal Oil, the highest incidence of DPA in breast milk.

According to some shortcomings in Omega 3 PUFA's study Such as DPA can result in the development of visual impairment and motor skills. Omega 3 PUFA also has a direct effect on the heart muscle, improves blood flow, reduces arthritis (irregular heart rhythm), improves artery compliance, reduces infarct size and reduces some cellular processes that compromise cardiac function.

Dr Leof found that Omega 3 PUFA can prevent sudden death due to an irregular heartbeat following a heart attack. Research has also shown that Omega 3 can reduce the risk of cardiac arrest, up to 70%, as it reduces blood vessel obstruction. Other studies show that a diet rich in Omega 3 can reduce the likelihood of a heart attack leading to death by 30%. The result is that Omega3 makes the walls of the blood vessels soft, preventing blockage, which often causes heart attacks.

Omega3 deficiency is also associated with depression and mental decline. Omega3 also offers anti-inflammatory release for arthritis patients. Many studies now show that Omega3 is invaluable in combating blood circulation problems associated with diabetes, making the vein and artery walls smoother and more elastic. Omega3 has also been shown to reduce high cholesterol.

A study from the UK showed that up to 80% of schizophrenia lacks fatty acids such as Omega3.


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