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Immediate Relief For Severe Pain From Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids are also known as hemroids affecting at least 80% or adults in Europe and North America. As people age, they are more likely to develop hemorrhoids. Men are more prone to hemorrhoids than women, although they experience many women during their pregnancies. Bleeding can cause extreme pain but fortunately most of the time it will be treated quickly and easily. Many of those affected today go for natural hemorrhoids such as creams or herbal remedies. Here is some information on how the treatment is done.

Hemorrhoids: What's that?

Hemorrhoids also known as hemroids are often called "hemorrhoids." They are experienced when the veins in the anus or rectum become swollen or inflamed. It may include chronic constipation or diarrhea, pregnancy, aging, anal intercourse, obesity, genetics and sitting too long especially in the toilet seat. Hemorrhoids can be external or internal. The outside is visible on the outside of the anus while the inside is on or inside the anus. Bleeding, swollen anal area, itching and irritation, leaky stool, lumps adjacent to anus and pain or discomfort in the anal area.

Important note, medical care is required if you have hemorrhoids, blood clots in the stool, dizziness or fainting although over-the-counter medicines and natural remedies are available. You should also seek the help of a doctor if you cannot seek help and have very painful hemorrhoids. Be aware that bleeding can be a result of other conditions such as colon and anal cancer.

Alternative or Natural Medicines

Most doctors recommend natural hemorrhoids and remedies that can be done at home because the procedure or cream is more risky and most unnecessary. You can find natural pills, lotions and creams to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Avatrol and Venapro are some of the herbal remedies that use essential oils to soften impurities and prevent or stop constipation.

Natural ingredients such as red sage, Vitamin E, aloe vera, red root, chamomile, burdock root, horse chestnut, sweeper or calendula are present in topical creams and pills. Natural supplements such as the Neo Healer are also available to treat internal hemorrhoids.

Drinking plenty of water, adding more fiber to your daily diet, intestinal and lightweight exercises are among the home remedies for hemorrhoids. The use of certain foods or herbs can also be used to relieve hemorrhoids. These include almond oil, cranberry poultice, onions, garlic, lemon juice and germanium oil mixture. Ice packs also do a good job of cooling and reducing swelling.

Whether you experience internal or external hemorrhoids, you can use the simple methods described above and seek quick help.


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