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How to Treat Pimples - Top 3 Secrets Acne Product Companies Don't Want You to Know

At one point, we were all asked, how to treat acne and there were many companies claiming they had magic. The simple truth is that many products sold are trash. There are some companies that charge hundreds of dollars to treat and prevent acne. Who can afford the economy today? These large companies experience the despair and pain we often feel as acne. The good news is that you no longer have to be one of the millions who have put a lot of hard money on acne treatments. Read on to discover the top 3 secrets that acne product companies don't want you to know.

Secret 1 - Cleaning Products

Large acne retailers want you to believe that in order to have beautiful skin, you must buy four or five different products. Actually you just need a good soft soap. You can find soft soaps at any health food store. You don't have to spend twenty to thirty dollars a month for acne treatments; instead you only spend less than ten dollars. There are soaps in health food stores that are especially made for the face and they are made from all natural ingredients that will not harm your skin.

Secret 2 - Diet

Many companies try to talk to customers to buy special vitamins and supplements to treat acne. Although these supplements have some good benefits, they are often too expensive. You can achieve the same result by eating the right fruits and vegetables. When eating a good diet of fruits and vegetables combined with drinking eight to ten glasses of water is a great result for the skin, if you feel you need additional supplements then I recommend taking a good multi vitamin.

Secret 3 - Cosmetics

Many large acne retailers will also try to sell customers to buy their specialty cosmetics and at that time buy foundation, powder, and concealer, the price can go up to fifty dollars. It didn't include all the special brushes and applicators and now acne can easily see $ 100 dollars plus things they don't need. Acne treatments can find non-oil based cosmetics in their local eateries or pharmacies and save most of the changes. Specialty brushes and brushes are not required, all you have to do is clean their brushes and applicators after each use with a makeup remover.

As you can see people in the acne industry suffer from depression and pain by promising easy solutions to their acne problems, these promises often fall short and are nothing more than hyped-over products. This product usually only treats symptoms and not the cause of acne. The good news is that learning how to treat acne is easy and very cheap. Following the steps above will help you treat and prevent acne and save you a lot of money.


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