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How Colors Affect Your Heart Rate

Most people love the color and want to paint every room in their home. Other people don't care at all. If you are thinking of painting you need to keep one thing in mind. Color can affect mood and make us sad or happy; they affect our eating habits as well as our heart rate. Most people don't wear this color much and what happens to us. It has been proven that some colors actually raise our heart rate while others can lower it. Keep in mind which colors will paint the room and what you will do in the room. If you repaint a room that you will use to rest in it, you will want to use a color that will reduce your pulse rate. If you are drawing a gym in your home, you will want one that will increase your heart rate. Red and yellow can actually increase your heart rate while blue and purple lower it.

While yellow can increase your heart rate, it can also increase your focus, which is why the legal note pad is yellow. Yellow would be an excellent color choice for your office or hobby room. Red is a complex color; it can increase your heart rate and boost your energy or it can make you frustrated or angry. This color is a popular choice on bedrooms or accent walls. If you use this as an accent wall, you will get a better reaction to it. If you want to repaint a living room or dining room, think about what you want to do there. If you want a vibrant and vibrant living room go for a bolder color like yellow.

But if you want a more casual casual living room to kick back then think blues and greens and purple. It's important to think about the mood you want for the room and what you do in the room before you repaint. Keep in mind that color can really change your mood especially if you see it everyday. Whatever you choose make sure you have a variety of rooms. You will want a comfortable room at all times and you will also need a high energy room.


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