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Forgiveness: A Healthy Alternative

Traditional western medicine focuses on treating symptoms and not causing illness. If we get depressed, we get pills for depression. If we have panic attacks, we will get pills for anxiety. If we experience pain and pain, we will have muscle relaxers and pain killers.

How many times has your doctor asked you about your marriage? What about your stress levels at work? Have you ever been asked if you were in a rough relationship? How do you keep any anger out from your parents, an accident you may have years ago, or towards a former partner?

In fact stress and factors that cause stress cause many health conditions. Translation: Unforgiveness can negatively affect your health.

There have been many studies over the last 10 years that fit this bold statement. What happens when we are stressed is that the brain tells the adrenal to release the cortisol hormone. This is the fight / flight hormone. When your body releases cortisol, you are on high alert, which is great when you're in trouble. NOT great when released in a prolonged period. When your body is in that mode, your immune system is literally shut down! In other words, the natural defenses we face against illness simply do not work well and we become sick, sick, growing sick.

Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about this concept in his workshops and in his book, Breaking the Habit of Being Alone: ​​How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New (2012). He said that the animals to eat in fight / flight mode and 15 minutes after the end of life-threatening events, they were stable and stress-free! On the contrary, humans are so smart that we can only think and think about past events that scare us and our bodies instantly get into combat / flight mode just out of mind! Animals are living in it now. Humans are struggling to live in it now. It is as if we are addicted to pain, repeatedly attacking ourselves. Think about it, the release of cortisol creates something similar to the adrenaline rush as we enter this mode. Perhaps we recreate this "trauma-drama" in our thinking because we are addicted to the specific energy that comes with the release of cortisol?

Dr. Joe says that our bodies are literally addicted to that thought, and sometimes, the body begins to act even before the mind becomes stronger! He claims that meditation is a very useful tool because it moves us from our analytical mind to the subconscious, where change can occur. There is little resistance to change at that "alpha-theta" level, and this is where miracles can occur. This is where the patterns of emotional-body response can begin to be released. This well-established mindset has evolved into a belief system. Unfortunately, we hold on to our beliefs, even unhealthy ones.

The good news is that we know there is a way to deal with stress. Research supports lifestyle changes, such as meditation, yoga, aerobic exercise, environmental work, counseling, training and forgiveness work, all of which reduce stress and change the belief system. Unfortunately, many wait until one of the three D's to happen to make a change - Dear Death, Disease or Divorce. Then we recognize the WAKE-UP call.

The Forgiveness Project, in collaboration with the American Cancer Treatment Center, has stated that Cancer, and other life-changing illnesses, can benefit from forgiveness. For most patients, they live in a state of chronic irresponsibility - withholding anger, resentment and anger. When released, they find that the immune system is growing rapidly.

The Stanford Center for Disease Control Studies found, "(w) if you hold on to stress for years, it will prevent you from living your life completely, because it turns on your immune system and hurts you." Fred Luskin, PhD, Director of the Project of Forgiveness at Stanford University, said, "(s) stress exacerbates pain, tightens muscles and disrupts the smooth functioning of the immune system - all of which affect arthritis." He said "(p) people assume they have this unlimited storage of anger, judgment and hostility that will not go home, but will return home immediately."

If we know that forgiveness actually improves health, why can't people wait to be forgiven?

Ask yourself, what anger do you have to endure? Ask why you have anger, injury or bitterness. See if your reason falls into one of the common myths or misperceptions about forgiveness:

1. You will let the offender switch off the hook if you forgive.

2. This means you either agree with or follow their bad behavior.

3. This means you have to trust that person again.

4. This means you need to have a relationship with that person.

5. That means you are weak.

An interesting study described in the journal Psychological Science from March 2001 shows that those who hold grudges are at greater risk for heart problems and hypertension than those who naturally forgive, and confirm what Dr. Joe Dispenza, just thinking about this condition results in higher heart rate and blood pressure! And, even after you've been thinking As such, research shows the risks are still high!

In 2004, a Veteran's study found that difficulty with forgiveness was associated with anxiety, depression and depressive symptoms of trauma stress disorder (PTSD). Further, difficulty in forgiving others is related to depression and the symptoms of PTSD, but not to anxiety.

The discussion of the pardon cannot be complete without the question of forgiveness. There are many times in every person's life where we are ashamed or embarrassed by our own behavior. There are those of us who can forgive, and let ourselves out of the hook. Others will punish us forever. We shudder with shame and guilt and never let ourselves get out of the hook. People involved in the 12-step program know this scenario well. They must take inventory of their mistakes and try to apologize or repair the damage they have stated. This is a beautiful and painful process.

Shame and guilt are ugly friends. If you have this unattractive partner, I encourage you to release it immediately. They made no mistake. They do not serve anyone and they destroy your own health. If you want to make a difference, be healthy and make a positive contribution to the world.

Forgiveness often begins with taking personal responsibility and ending with gratitude for the lesson.


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