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Foods Affects Mood

Food can affect our mood and what we eat and when we eat can affect depression. Everyone feels depressed at some point, but when the depression deepens or persists for a long time, it can reduce our energy to survive and make us more susceptible to illness as it affects our immune system.

When we are depressed for some reason our appetite for caffeine and caffeine products is low. Generally people prefer to take lots of candy, chocolate. It has also been found that some people drink more tea or coffee in a depressed mood while some people prefer to smoke and drink alcohol to get out of depression, but this is not the solution at all as it improves mood over a shorter period of time and when the effects decrease. vacationers with more logging.

It is also found that vitamin deficiency in the body also affects vitamin B and folic acid especially.

Complex carbohydrates such as Pancakes, oatmeal, pasta, baked potatoes can help one maintain a depressed mood under control as they increase the levels of brain serotonin that help control mood.

The lack of omeg3 fatty acids in the nervous system affects the mood of more funds in fish such as tuna, salmon.

Therefore, when we are in a depressed mood we must choose to take it

o Lots of fresh greens and fresh fruits

o Fish in our diet at least once or twice a week

o Pancakes, pasta, baked potatoes

We need to take vitamin supplements when needed and along with exercise or yoga will also help us maintain our mood.

We should avoid or take the minimum

o Different types of candy

o Food waste

o Avoid coffee, alcohol

o Avoid processed foods that contain artificial colors or preservatives

Therefore, by making some changes in our daily lives, we can maintain our energy and energy.


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