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How to Get Rid of Bad Acne

If you want to know how to get rid of bad acne and feel like you've tried everything, there's hope.

The over-the-counter products just don't work for many people when it comes to acne, especially the more stubborn kind ...

I know, for over half of my life, I have severe cyst acne. That's terrible, so I know how you feel. It sucks.

... but after 12 long years, I'm finally 100% clear without using any pills or topicals. Here are some tips on how you can do this too:

  • Learn how diet affects acne

  • It doesn't matter if a dermatologist or doctor tells you that acne is not caused by a diet, thousands of people including myself can prove otherwise! Many studies have shown that people in certain countries simply do not have acne because their diet is not like ours, such as the island's kitivan population. Learn how diet affects acne and you can be clear.

  • Stop putting harmful chemicals on your skin

  • Creams such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid only do a very good job of concealing acne symptoms. It's very difficult to explain using cream, and I don't know anyone who did. He didn't handle it because acne, just symptoms.

  • Stop taking dangerous drugs

  • Just like cream, you can do more harm than good by taking medicines designed to cure acne. Certain medications are worse than others and you can do permanent damage to your body. It has been proven (you can Google this) that your body can be resistant to these drugs which can make your acne worse in the long run, among other side effects.

    One particular drug used in cases of severe acne can cause very serious side effects such as hair loss, dry skin, and birth defects! I lost my hair after using it and never came back, so I can prove the side effects.

My name is Chase Michaels, and I know how embarrassed you may be because of your acne.

I have acne for almost half of my life. Infact, I can't even swim with friends or talk to girls because of how bad my acne is. It destroys my pride.

However, acne is very treatable and very misunderstood. All you need is the right information to get it completely clear, and you can be clear in the week if you follow the right advice.


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