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Female Hair Loss

Hair loss affects more than 20 million women and the causes of this vary. Some of these causes can also be the same causes that affect men, such as poor diet, excessive tension and enlarged thyroid glands. However, there are certain conditions that specifically cause hair loss in women.

To be specific, when I talk about hair loss, it is not only complete baldness, but also thinning hair. Hair thinning is so important for women that they consult with a medical professional to identify the cause of the problem. Most primary care HMOs will refer individuals to dermatologists for examination and treatment recommendations.

For men, although losing hair can be a sad experience, baldness is socially acceptable. There are actually young men with full head of hair who choose to shave their heads completely to fit the image they want to sport. But for women it is quite the opposite. Barren women are few and far between and when women experience hair loss it is a very traumatic experience. The most common cause of hair loss has been found to be hormone changes in the body. We all know that pregnancy, menopause or actually starting or stopping birth control pills can affect women's hormones. In such cases, thinning and hair loss may occur immediately or within three months after the change. Then it can take a while, maybe up to a year, for full hair regrowth to be achieved.

As mentioned earlier, an incorrect diet can be a major contributor to women's hair loss. The methods of women's accident to lose weight do nothing to help the situation. Women need to improve their diet and lifestyle with regular exercise, eating lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and drinking more water.

Other external factors contributing to hair loss include tight and curly hair, hot rollers, hair dryers, chemicals for curling, straightening and hair coloring. Head cycles are key. The scalp massage can help prevent hair loss by boosting and stimulating blood flow to the hair follicles.

As a final point, keep in mind that while scams and hair loss are a very depressing and distressing experience, there are many organizations that can help you deal with your condition. In addition, some cases are temporary and the sooner you can identify the cause, the sooner you can start corrective treatment.


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