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Book Review of Fitonics for Life

Marilyn Diamond, co-author Fit for Life, Fit for Life II and American Vegetarian Cookbook, has been an author and culinary reference for me since I started my diet journey. Her recipes have influenced my cooking and my own recipes. She bridges the gap between healthy eating and cooking for the family. I have used his recipe many times to entertain with many successes. And they inspired me to create my own recipe with a fresh touch of French cuisine that I received since living in France.

After following Fit for Life series I'm happy to find another book. This time it was written by her new husband, Dr Donald Burton Schnell. This book takes the diet beyond the food you put into your mouth and into the holistic diet. It combines mind, body and almost passion for overall health first Fit for Life the book does not cover.

Why I love this book.

This is what I love about Diamond. His ability to be flexible, honest and passionate. When you read her writing, you just want to hold on to the life she radiates. This comes in the recipe and he has the recipe during the recipe during the recipe. She does a food planning recipe so you can follow her advice if you are not inspired to make your own food. Most ingredients are readily available but some require natural foods and specialty stores. But if I can find most of them in France, then you probably can find them wherever you live. There are usually substitutes to find more difficult items. Or skip their recipe.

The Mindtonics & Bodytonics section.

While the first part focuses on nutrition, the second part, called Mindtonics, touches on getting the mind to work with your new way of eating. It only touches on the steps to take to improve your mind, but it's a good start. If you are already in personal growth, then many of these suggestions will be like journals, taking time to focus and meditate. It's what more diet books have to tell us to do.

The last section before the recommended recipes and meal plans is Bodytonics. This is a wonderful daily exercise routine that can be done in 12-20 minutes. You go at your own pace and you just do what feels right to you so you can build a better level. It's soft and natural.

This exercise is a perfect routine for anyone who claims they have never used or wanted to. Another beauty of this routine is that it can be done from your own home, without any equipment, using your own body as a formidable resistance.

If you succeed with Fit for Life back in the 1980s when it was very popular or needed to get into the exercise routine or want to explore more raw food, I highly recommend this book today.


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