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What are the latest methods of liposuction?

What are the latest methods of liposuction?

Habea Abdel Maksoud asks about modern methods of liposuction?

Dr. Hossam Hassani, Professor of Surgery and Assistant Plastics at Cairo University School of Medicine, answers the question, saying: Liposuction has entered some developments that help to extract more fat with less effort, with attention to reducing the side effects of suction, including the use of sound waves, The use of lasers, heat waves, and finally water propulsion, all these methods are involved in the elimination of excess fat outside the body, although liposuction using water propulsion is the safest method.

The person then returns to work in a shorter period ranging from 5 days to 7 days, where several factors intervene in the time of return to normal life, including the amount of fat that has been suctioned, the number of areas treated and their places, as well as the amount of fat withdrawn.

The doctor points out that there are some side effects that occur to the patient, and should not worry about them, they are normal after the operation, where some swelling occurs using the method of water payment, although the swelling is much less than other methods, as it must be chosen the doctor treated accurately, where if The doctor is incompetent it may cause the patient to deform in the area from which he withdraws fat, so that he may withdraw a larger amount or less than required, and then a deformity occurs in the place where he was treated or ripples occur in the surface of the skin if the suction of surface fat, so the choice of the doctor treated of the most important for the success of liposuction.

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