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What is the treatment for postpartum abdominal sagging?

 A reader says: I am a 24-year-old lady and I have a three-year-old daughter, and I have suffered from abdominal sagging above and below the button, especially in the middle as there are white lines in and around the abdomen, what is the proper treatment method to eliminate this problem? Is exercise like walking enough to remedy this problem or not?

This question is answered by Dr. "Akmal Saad Hassan", consultant dermatologist, plastic and laser therapy, Cairo University School of Medicine, saying: Sometimes this problem improves after birth, especially in the case of exercise and loss of excess weight during pregnancy, and we should point out that exercise Sports should be correct in the sense of doing certain exercises of the muscle to be strengthened, which is in this case the abdominal muscle, after consulting the physiotherapist.

In some cases the condition of the skin improves and sagging decreases significantly after strengthening and tightening the muscle, but in many others this condition does not improve significantly and patients, and here can be intervened to treat it by using laser scans and liposuction and this process is done by using certain rays which is ) Laserlipolises) which work to dissolve fat and tighten the sagging skin, and then we then perform the process of liposuction dissolved, this process leads to a significant improvement in the condition of sagging skin and accumulated fat, as it leads to a noticeable improvement in the problem of white lines and works to reduce it significantly.

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