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What is the Ramadan food program to eliminate obesity?

 What is the Ramadan food program to eliminate obesity?

I Would like to follow a simple ramadan diet that I can easily implement?

Dr. Mustafa Sari, consultant for obesity and nutrition, answers this question, saying: You can follow a diet for a week in Ramadan, when you hear the adhan you can get half a cup of fat-free rib milk with two gums or a cup of vegetable soup or lentil soup.

After the Maghrib prayer, you can get half a chick, two steaks, two grilled fish or two boiled with a green salad and vegetables cooked in ni with three tablespoons of rice or three spoons of boiled pasta with a toast slice.

Between iftar and suhoor, you can only eat two fruits or a cup of chaf during the week or a small piece of knafeh.

The suhoor meal can be as follows: 2 yogurt with fruit fruit or two boiled eggs with five spoons of quraysh cheese with cucumber or five tablespoons of lemon bean with a green salad next to a toast slice and this program is followed for a week in Ramadan.

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