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Obesity epidemic out of control

Obesity epidemic out of control

International researchers warned that obesity, which they described as the epidemic, has become out of control, as they have revealed that obesity rates are rising everywhere, and they found that there are more than 300 million adults around the world who are obese, and they suffer from diseases related to their condition such as diabetes, heart disease and Sleep disorders.

The doctors warned that if nothing is done to stop this epidemic spread of obesity, health care services in all developed and developing countries will not be able to provide the necessary care for people with obesity-related diseases, and it has been found that one in three men and more than half of women in c Nob Africa is overweight and obese, which means that they suffer from the same percentage of obesity spread in the United States, as studies have shown that 40% of citizens in Morocco are obese, and 12% of citizens in Kenya are obese, while the number of obese people in Nigeria ranges from 6%-8%, although there are no correct data on many countries, Professor Arne Astrop, President-elect of the Society for The Study of Obese People, said that the problem is "real and present", adding: "At the African level we must see that obesity has become one of the most dangerous diseases on the continent, in addition to AIDS and malnutrition, and it is now clear that malnutrition and obesity can coexist together and in the same country, and given the known risks of obesity, especially type 2 diabetes, we face a serious problem."

However, ready-made foods and lack of exercise are not what cause sedation of Africans, in addition to the traditional view of it as a sign of wealth on the black continent, obesity has acquired another meaning for those who live there, aids also known in Africa and for several years as the name, slim, where it actually causes In losing a person's weight in a sick way, so many people don't want to lose weight so others don't think they have AIDS, and research says that losing between 5%-10% of your weight will significantly improve your health and reduce the likelihood of diabetes, heart disease and cancer, which increases the likelihood of prolonged "We can't find a solution to a problem by addressing the results, not the causes, we have to learn the lesson, we have to create cities where sports training is easy to do," says Professor Philip James, president of the International Obesity Society. On every corner of the street there is a fast food shop."

However, Africa is not the only continent suffering from an explosion of obesity rates, with 25% of the Middle East's population found to be obese or overweight, while the proportion of obese men in Japan has increased by 100% since 1982.

However, the huge proportion of obese children who develop diabetes every year, however, is the huge proportion of obese children who develop diabetes every year, and if obese children, most of whom live in the Middle East, Greece, Chile and southern Italy, do not lose weight, they will most likely suffer from many diseases associated with aging. When they're 40.

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