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What is the diet of happiness?

 What is the diet of happiness?

I've heard a lot about there's a rage that eliminates anger and causes happiness.

Dr. Mona Khairi, consultant of obesity and nutrition, answers this question: It is known that food directly affects the nerves associated with depression and violence and there is a diet that lasts for 6 days eliminates depression, which is made up of breakfast is a fruit fruit with a quarter of a loaf and white cheese Or tomatoes with a cup of green tea, and between lunch and breakfast can be had a cup of hot milk with a cup of water and three pieces option, while lunch is a glass of mint with one potato with three pieces cucumber and a mixed dish of grills, while dinner is a cup of hot milk with a piece of watermelon and a green salad dish with a piece of chicken marinated Cinnamon, cumin, black pepper and lemon.

Another system that can be used for 4 days consisting of breakfast consisting of two cups of water with various pieces of cucumber, lettuce and carrots next to two slices toast with a piece of cheese, while lunch is a cup of water and a rice dish with okra or meat or chicken boiled or grilled beside a green salad, while dinner is a cup of water with Chicken breast next to a green salad with a note of skin removal from the chicken in this system, because this reduces fat by 75%.

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