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What are the ways to get rid of excess weight?

 What are the ways to get rid of excess weight?

A reader asks: My mother has high blood pressure and diabetes together and she is overweight and doctors have advised her to get rid of excess weight until her health improves, what methods help?

Dr. Mohammed Mohsen Ibrahim, professor of cardiology at Cairo Medicine and president of the Egyptian Hypertension Society, answers the question: It is known that weight gain is one of the important factors that lead to cardiovascular diseases and their complications at an early age and to high mortality rates, as well as methods that help to Get rid of excess weight: keep a diary in which the food is recorded daily, avoid foods rich in calories especially fast-digesting sugars such as pancakes - electrolyte - ice cream and chocolate - carbonated water - fruit yogurt, and a lot of vegetables, pulses and white meats Low-sugar fruits such as apples, guava, oranges, plums, peaches, choice of low-fat foods and too much drinking water.

He pointed out that methods of weight loss also include eating breakfast regularly and being rich in fiber such as beans, beliand and living age and preferring to eat fresh fruit, as it is preferable to eat bread rich in apostasy, and avoid oils, fats and nuts, and preferably eat small meals while trying to fill the stomach With vegetables and salad and avoid fried and fried food.

Dr. Mohsen Ibrahim adds that when feeling hungry you should eat some low-sugar fruit such as oranges, guava, bananas or fresh vegetables such as cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and carrots, with the need to avoid eating while watching TV, and points to the importance of exercising regularly to get rid of Excess weight by exercising a simple type of physical exercise or walking daily for half an hour and using the stairs instead of the elevator and leaving the car away from the workplace or home and returning to walk as long as possible during the day, with the need to spend the weekend in large shopping centers or Visit museums and stroll in the parks to spend time walking without feeling it.

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