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What is age diet 2 and 3?

 What is age diet 2 and 3?

Comment: I've heard about age 2 and 3 diet, I'd like to know what age diet is and how can I benefit from it?

This question is answered by Dr. Khaled Youssef, a specialist in obesity and thinness, a member of the American Society of Obesity and the Egyptian Society for Obesity Studies, saying: The diet of age 2 contains beans and taste, two of the favorite popular foods that we can eat within the framework of the age diet and also the dish of kosheri The average size is a full-in diet and this system is as follows:

Breakfast: sun loaf + 3 tablespoons bean + small tinge + salad + thyme tea.

- Food: First 3 days medium-sized chicken dish, 4 days boiled vegetables + 4 tablespoons rice + boiled or grilled steak.

- Dinner: Cup ace cream diet or toast + spoon of light cheese + cucumber slices.

Age 3 diet: This diet is characterized by the variety of daily meals, especially lunch through pizza, spicy pane chicken, pasta and delicious salmon, and this system consists of:

Breakfast and dinner: one of the following. 1 cup yogurt + 2 fruit fruit or 5 almonds + toast sun + a spoon ful of light cheese with thyme or egg + salad + green tea or a cup of oats with fat milk + fruit fruit.

- Food: First day - 3 slices pizza + green salad day 2 - 3 pieces chicken pane + salad and toast age the third day - sautéed vegetables mushrooms + 4 tablespoons rice day 4 and 5 bowls tuna + 5 tablespoons pasta day 6 and 7 - 200 grams grilled salmon + salad + 3 tablespoons rice.

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