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Does being overweight cause pain in the legs?

 Does being overweight cause pain in the legs?

 Karim Saad (45 years old) says that I weigh 95 kilos and 190 meters long i suffered from severe knocking in the joints, and I ran tests and found I have a high precipitation speed about 42 cause me many pains, what are the causes of these pains and treatment?

This question is answered by Prof. Dr. Ezzat al-Hawi, Professor of Orthopedics at The Faculty of Medicine of Ain Shams University, saying that the patient's beginning does not suffer from a significant increase in weight, the increase is limited to 5-10 kilos that needs to be disposed of only and not more.

Al-Hawi added that the problem of leg pain is due to the lumbar vertebrae, a problem in the knees or the result of problems with the thigh joints, all of which will improve if his weight is reduced.

He continued to determine the cause of the pain of the legs must be revealed to the patient to determine the location of these pains whether in the lumbar vertebrae or in the joint of the thighs or in the knees, but about the knocking of the joints is a voice can be heard when drape the joints, especially the knees, which may make some think a lot of the problem of the joints. Therefore, some should know that the joint pop is a natural condition due to the friction of one of the tendons that connect the bones of the joint and muscles with a tendon adjacent to it, which produces that sound called crackling or banging of the joints and there are some reasons for this such as:

Contact of tendons or ligaments due to excess weight, which increases pressure on these ligaments as well as muscle weakness.

The presence of gas bubbles around the joints and the moisturizing liquid around it (inside).

Arthritis which may cause damage to the soft layer of the joints resulting in pain, and a voice called joint pop.

Lack of connective fluid around the joints.
Congenital defect in the joints and may be genetic.

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