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What are the measures of obesity and what are the severity of its complications?

 What are the measures of obesity and what are the severity of its complications?

 88 cm waist circumference Am I obese and what are the complications of obesity on the body and its health?

Dr. Salwa Ahmed Al-Shabini, Professor of Public Health and Nutrition at the National Research Center, replied: "Weight gain begins in women when the waist circumference is more than 80cm, while obesity occurs where the waist circumference is 88 cm or more and obesity is above this figure.

Dr. Salwa points out that the liquid is considered to be one of the patients of obesity, and obesity two types first and is infected only 5% as a result of a disorder of hormones such as thyroid hormone or supraphland and these solutions should receive appropriate medical treatment, while the remaining percentage of its causes, the most important of which is increased calories Heat intake especially of fatty foods for a long time about the energy exerted in activity and work and also genetic readiness in some families which affects the distribution of fat in the body, in addition to some people who have an increase in the activity of the enzyme for the storage of fat within the fat cells in These guys.

And fathas serious complications on health, the most important of which is the injury of heart and arteries and blood pressure as a result of the high level of blood fat, especially low-density cholesterol, as well as the stress of the pancreas gland in the secretion of insulin hormone as a result of eating large amounts of food and accompanying Obesity is also difficult to breathe, especially during sleep as a result of the accumulation of abdominal fat and difficulty in the movement of the diaphragm, which results in lack of ventilation in the air vesicles and consequently the incidence of diseases of the respiratory system, as well as the spread of fungal infections between the skin and associated with the secretion of sweat.

Among the group of diseases affecting heavy weights is gout to increase the blood polyk acid, as well as low fertility rates among women, menstrual disorder and non-ovulation, as well as an increased risk of breast and colon cancer, which international studies have indicated is linked to them. Too much fatty substances are eaten with food, and obesity is always associated with rough joints, especially the knee joint.

Dr. Salwa points out. Recent WHO statistics indicated that there are more than 1.5 billion overweight people and 400 million obese people, including 20 million children, and who expects a sharp increase in this figure in 2015. Depends in food on starches and sugars in food, but in the most income classes one of the most important causes of obesity for them is the reliance on fast and ready food that contains harmful fats and also canned and preserved food, hence we see that society needs a food culture to raise awareness of all Family members to eat healthy and healthy food.

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