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What's ruining the diet?

 What's ruining the diet?

A reader asks whether there are diet errors that an individual can follow that cause weight gain.

This question is answered by Dr. Hani Kamal, consultant of obesity and nutrition: "There are mistakes that an individual may follow and spoil the diet, such as the belief that brown bread does not lift weight, and this is wrong and eating whole milk as a single meal is useful, especially before eating.

Also the mistaken belief that obesity is better than oil this is not true, the grams of oil contains 9 calories, the gram of margarine contains 9 calories, the oil is good for health, contains unsaturated fats, and helps to lower cholesterol.

It is also a misconception that eating chocolate is harmful to diet, and although chocolate contains high calories, does not contain important minerals and vitamins, eating a moderate amount, of which is beneficial for health, it contains antioxidants, which are beneficial to the body and health.

It is also a common mistake to abstain from eating altogether and rely on salads is useful, and this is a mistake, as a balanced diet must contain all foods.

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