Sports is the latest ways to get rid of fat

One woman asks what is cellulite and what are the modern ways to get rid of the fat accumulated in the body? Dr. Omar Rashad, consultan...

 Sports is the latest ways to get rid of fat

One woman asks what is cellulite and what are the modern ways to get rid of the fat accumulated in the body?
Dr. Omar Rashad, consultant plastic surgeon, fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and member of the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons, answers: Cellulite means the lumping of subcutaneous fat, which leads to its inequity form ing the form of orange peel, especially in the area of the thigh and buttocks, and may infect the breast after the age of Despair, its grades vary from mild to severe, and have nothing directly related to obesity, although it gets worse by gaining weight and becomes a problem that annoys women and affects a large number of women.
Causes of cellulite
The main cause of cellulite is not yet known, but there are theories that may explain why the problem occurred.
The most important factor involved in the occurrence of cellulite is aging in most cases, so begins to occur gradually weakness of the network of fibrous tissue supporting the structure of the skin, in addition to the low level of estrogen so the problem is widespread among women
Due to the presence of progressive local ititis in the affected areas, allowing the formation of prominent fatty blocks under the skin.
What's the solution?
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has made it clear
The products now advertised to treat this problem, whether creams or paints have no tangible therapeutic effect except by following the following guidelines to get rid of the problem
These are some guidelines that could help get rid of this problem or at least reduce it.
Exercise -
Sports and diet are the cheapest and best way yet to treat, and you must stick to regular exercise and under the supervision of a specialist (20 minutes a day at a rate of three days a week) as well as aerobic scholastic sports such as swimming, tennis and walking.
. Following a diet under medical supervision-
. Massage or surveyor-
Dr. Omar explains in this topic that the use of the larger finger joint in massaging fat blocks at least twice a week may be useful in simple cases.
Massage machines are also given a positive effect after at least two months.
.- Treatment of cellulite with mesotherapy
He says this technique is used to remove cellulite.
More than 90% of women complain of cellulite, which leads to mutilation, often reduces women's self-esteem and is a source of shame, which affects women's self-confidence.
He pointed out that the causes of cellulite are the weak distribution of blood, the tissue that is associated with the defective and the increase in obesity cells.
Mesotherapy can remove cellulite on the legs and buttocks, break the "orange peel" on the skin and show the result of cellulite removal of 6-8 sessions by a weekly session.

After injecting mesotherapy, the body naturally eliminates broken fats.
He stated that the result of mesotherapy appears after three sessions
• How to use mesotherapy:
It is possible to perform mesotherapy in two ways, which of course depends on the attending physician and his experience
And the level of his ability to either of these two methods:
First: by hand by injection with very fine needles,
Multiple injections are usually performed at the specified location at a depth up to the middle layer of the skin.

This method is characterized by giving the processor full control over the delivery of injected material, and does not require a high financial cost to purchase various injection devices.
Second: With the help of special injection devices, which are special gun-like devices on which the microneedle is fastened, it is possible to calibrate these devices to give injections into the skin either individually as a single shot or repeated shots at high speeds, and this technique has tangible benefits in making treatment less Painful for the patient, easier and faster for the attending physician, with the addition of precision and stability elements in the delivery of successive injections.
Who uses mesotherapy?

People over the age of 18 and under 75 years of age with good public health can undergo mesotherapy.
It is used in very severe cases to remove fatty lumps and tighten the skin, and this operation needs an expert surgeon and specialist in order not to reflect the results and show distortion in the skin
Liposuction may help improve some types of cellulite-causing fatty lumps, and skin tightening will help in treatment for such conditions, so it is recommended to visit a specialist before choosing the appropriate treatment.
Remove fluids.
Mechanically, there's a lot of hardware for that.
There is a lymphatic circulation movement device that performs a wave of pressure from the bottom to the top repeatedly, and in this way the size and protrusion of cellulite decreases, but it does not disappear completely.
Another modern method is to use a machine that massages the body with frequency technology, in order to get rid of fluids and level the surface of the skin, the results are good as it lasts for periods of up to two months.



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Diet O Diet: Sports is the latest ways to get rid of fat
Sports is the latest ways to get rid of fat
Diet O Diet
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