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Lemon reduces weight and treats urinary infections

 Lemon reduces weight and treats urinary infections

The Daily Mail addressed the importance of eating lemon fruit for human beings, through the issuance of a new version of the Book of Grand Prize, which touched heavily on the benefits of lemon compounds, which are contained in the fruit of lemon in particular, and confirmed that it has antiviral properties, and mentioned the benefit of lemon oil, which Helps exclude virus-contaminated air from the throat.

The book also pointed out that lemon oil contains pectin and some natural fibers, which help to feel full, which reduces the percentage of fat absorbed by the body, as well as the vitamin "C", which is found in a high percentage of lemon to produce "carentinte", a type of amino acid helps to Burning excess fat is needed by the body.

As one study, carried out by a group of researchers in the State of Arizona, the american state, indicated that the vitamin "C" found in lemon helps burn nearly 30% of the excess fat needed by the body, and the study also emphasized the importance of lemon in the treatment of gallstones, which is formed by increased Cholesterol, which may be caused by lack of stomach acid, but acidic foods found in lemon juice may discourage gallbladder contractions.

The researchers also pointed out that lemon also helps in reducing the infection of infections of urine and throat, where lemon helps modify the pH inside the human body, also helps in improving the process of urine, and thus contributes to the return of urine to its normal state, in addition to potassium Found in lemon helps regulate fluids in the body, thus expanding blood vessels and making human pressure ideal and at its normal rate, due to its containment of flavonoidcompounds.

The book also noted that lemon helps in the treatment of cough, indigestion and psoriasis diseases, as well as treating constipation and muscle pain.

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