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Is single-class diet harmful to health?

 Is single-class diet harmful to health?

Is a single food diet useful or health-damaging? What are the methods of healthy diet to lose weight without harm?

Dr. Medhat Khalil, consultant of digestive and liver diseases and therapeutic nutrition at Cairo University Medical School, responds to this question, saying: One-class diet is a fad of unhealthy diet innovations, which leads to a severe shortage of the body's access to the necessary nutrients and the lack of vitamins and minerals. Because Allah almighty created food contains several natural substances and if one wants to get all the nutrients important to his health he must diversify the sources of food to ensure access to all the nutrients that are necessary for healthy health.

Dr. Medhat added that the single-class diet harms the body and affects it, it makes the body decrease and lose water, and therefore affects the overall health of the body must diversity and moderation in food because it is the successful basis for getting good health.

To lose a healthy weight, we recommend eating fresh vegetables and fruits, because they are the main source of vitamins, especially vitamins A, Group B, C and mineral salts such as: "potassium, phosphorus, and iron" which is characterized by a natural containment of a very small percentage of fat and High fiber, which is very important for bowel movement as well as whole grains such as wheat and oats as well as supplements containing antioxidants, which protect the body during the period of weight loss.

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