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What are the methods of calculating the ideal weight?

 What are the methods of calculating the ideal weight?

 Najwa Abdel Maksoud says, I know that obesity increases the risk of many diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, so how can I enjoy an ideal weight in which I avoid the risk of developing these diseases?

Dr. Samia answers to al-Qadhi, professor of cardiovascular at the National Heart Institute, saying that the doctor may have to resort to surgical intervention to lose weight in some cases as a form of treatment, especially in cases of obesity, which is accompanied by diseases caused by weight gain such as sugar Pressure, atherosclerosis and joint erosion involve tying or miniaturizing the stomach and lead to rapid and effective weight loss.

An individual's daily calorie needs can be calculated to maintain a perfect weight by:
- If a person does not exert physical exertion which means that he exerts limited movement and does not exercise any kind of sport, then the typical weight is the result of hitting kg at 28.6
- If the human is average activity i.e. he exerts a regular physical exertion in addition to a simple exercise, then the typical weight is kg at 33
- If the human is overweight, i.e. he is exerting an excessive physical effort than usual, then the typical weight is kg at 37.4 kg.
*For example, if the appropriate typical weight for human length is 70 kg and this average person is active, he needs 2310 calories per day, taking into account that if a person loses his daily calorie consumption so that he eats 500 calories a day less than his needs, he will lose within a week About half a kilogram of weight.

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