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What are the harms of stapled jaw to reduce intake?

 What are the harms of stapled jaw to reduce intake?

I suffer from obesity and have failed a lot to follow any of my diets to lose weight, and my health condition does not allow any gastric staples and I have read about the presence of a jaw operation to reduce food intake significantly and consequently lose weight what is the effectiveness or harms of this process?

This question is answered by Dr. Ihab Hassanein, Professor of Root Therapy at The Ain Shams Dental School, saying: This process is one of the most dangerous operations that are performed in the jaw where the doctor connects the upper jaw to the lower jaw through the use of wires and this process has many very bad negative effects besides it A completely non-human method, it causes stiffness in the jaw muscles and leads to tooth decay because the patient is unable to wash his teeth, as it can lead to suffocation and the whole world has stopped performing this operation after proven failure and because of its negative effects on human health.

Dr. Mustafa Sari, Professor of Physiotherapy and Nutrition, said: This process is carried out to reduce food intake, where the patient cannot put solid foods and eat all foods after whisking in liquid form, a process that has many negative effects on the psychological condition of the patient, where he feels with her not Its humanity, which leads to a counterproductive effect once removed, as the majority of patients develop severe skin for food, resulting in more excess weight gain.

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