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Do fast food cause weight gain?

 Do fast food cause weight gain?

A reader who eats fast food intensively asks, do these meals affect the body by gaining weight?

Answering this question, Dr. Hani Kamal, consultant obesity and nutrition, said the relationship between fast food and obesity is close, the change in dietary patterns in recent years has led to a change in food consumption, fast food that has prevailed in the consumer values in Society is harmful to the body because it is saturated with fats, salts and calories, and the nutritional value of some of these fast foods is low, helping to gain weight and obesity.

The use of dietary blocking pills is extremely harmful because it affects the heart, but the risk here lies in the loss of a large amount of salts by the body, and therefore the risk of dehydration.

Eating some foods between meals such as chips and potatoes is harmful to the body, so they can be replaced with vegetables while exercising frequently.

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