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Is there a connection between diet failure and thyroid?

 Is there a connection between diet failure and thyroid?

A reader asks, does thyroid dysfunction lead to dietary failure?

Dr. Hani Kamal, an obesity and nutrition consultant, answers this question, saying the thyroid gland responsible for food burning in the body, i.e. the speed at which food and oxygen produce energy that contributes to the issue of growth.

He emphasizes that a certain percentage of iodenics are necessary to make the body's activity normal and any increase or decrease causes a defect such as hyperthyroidism.

Eating a few nutrients with iron and water causes this, so one of the methods treated for iodening is to eat marine fish along with eggs and milk.

The hypothyroidism has many symptoms such as forgetfulness, weight gain, sensitivity to cold, hair loss and dry skin.

This inactivity appears in the elderly and causes mental retardation and sexual immaturity in the child and in women leads to increased cholesterol.

There is therefore a proven relationship between dietary failure and thyroid failure.

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