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Dua Lipa In Bikini Shows Incredible Six-pack Abs - Celebrities Six Pack Abs


After taking a break from her 82-date Future Nostalgia tour, Dua Lipa wasted no time changing into her sexiest bikini.

Her final performance was at the Sziget Festival with other acts including Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon in front of a sold-out crowd.

The tireless singer has a well-earned month off after completing 72 performances in less than six months before heading to South America on September 8 to play in So Paulo.

However, it is now time to unwind.

Dua undressed with pals as they basked in the sun and sand wearing bikinis.

Dua posted pictures of herself from the neck to her thighs so that followers could see how fit she was.

Dua Lipa takes a well-earned vacation in a bikini

While enjoying the sunshine and getting her daily dose of vitamin D, Dua kept her face covered.

The yoga devotee demonstrated the advantages of her headstands and handstands, showcasing her amazing abs and flawless core strength.

The food-loving native of London also shared pictures of her delectable meals, which has also turned into a habit for the singer of New Rules.

She kept the caption short and sweet, just writing "caaaaaalm."

More than 1 million people liked the vacation-themed post that she shared with her 85.8 million followers after she made it.

Take on Dua Lipa's look

Thanks to the assistance of stylist Lorenzo Posocco, Dua Lipa's tour aesthetic is unparalleled. But she also has excellent street style and frequently dons pieces from a few of her favourite designers.

You too may dress like Dua Lipa if you have the money to do so.

Both of Dua's stringy bikinis—which both displayed her incredible six-pack and slender legs—were stringy.

The Las Olas Top in blue and orange with tiny dots by Inamorata Woman was the bikini with the blue and orange polka dots. The bottom, a Luneta bottom by Inamorata Woman with huge dots in orange and blue, was worn by Dua with the bikini top.

Because supermodel Emily Ratajkowski designed the bikini line, Inamorata Woman may look familar.

Dua wore a different bikini by Inamorata Woman while posing with friends and in some solo photos. It had an Orpheus top in orange and mustard with little dots and a Luneta bottom in the same colours.

Each bikini top and bottom costs $75.

In her trademark mirror selfie, Dua was wearing Celeste and a large tote bag made of raffia by Prada. The Attico, another favoured designer, finished the look with Dua.

She wore a Dean miniskirt in dark blue and a Diana light blue top, both from The Attico.

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