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Workout For Women - Get Rid of the Fat Butt With Cardio Kickboxing

I have trained women of all shapes and sizes for many years. Many people may find that they practice cardio kickboxing or martial arts to protect themselves and stay healthy. However, I found that the majority of women wanted to join my class for the first time for aesthetic reasons and second-degree personal protection. Cardio kickboxing and martial arts are the best way to relax your body. Just look at the bodies of boxers or UFC fighters. This is not known to women who are currently enrolled in a large number of martial arts classes. This training for women is fast, exciting and fun.

Most people follow aerobics along with flexibility training. However in my class, I made sure the exercises consisted of the following: stretching, aerobics, strength / plyometrics, kickboxing exercises, and abdominal work. Combine all these elements with a balanced workout for women. All these exercises can be accomplished without weight. Instead you can use weight training to begin with. Push ups, leg squats, abdominal crunches and lunges are just some of the exercises you can do to develop the muscles in your body.

The most common question I get from my female clients is how can I be thin, toned, and firm? The most popular exercises among trainers are regular legumes and lunges with or without weight. They are great exercises but I love doing something a little different and staying in tune with the martial arts side. This adds a bit of uniqueness and spice to my workouts for women.

One of the exercises I like to use in my kickboxing training for women is the backyard drill drill. Here is one of the best exercises for thinning and blowing your butt:

1]. Start by kneeling on the floor with both your hands and knees touching the ground.

2]. We'll work with your right foot first. By keeping your left knee and both hands on the floor, you will lift your right knee off the ground and kick to your body then pull it back without putting your knees back on the floor.

3]. Immediately you will take the same right foot and kick as high as you can and bring it back to your body without putting your knees back on the floor. Now kick out the side again, bringing it back to your body, followed by a back kick. Repeat steps 1 -2 for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

4]. Once done, you will do exercises on your left foot for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

You should feel the burn on both the right and left of your glutes after you finish training. This is one of the many ways you can solve glutes.It can be done anywhere during your free time.

Train is safe and I'll talk to you in the future!


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