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Warning - Excess Belly Fat Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Most people carry extra pounds around noon. In America, we have national obesity. But belly fat is more than just ugly. It's a lot more serious than you look.

Abdominal fat supplementation is a risk factor for your health. Scientific research today certainly condemns excess body fat at any location in the body, but research has determined that excess belly fat can be very harmful to your health.

There are two types of fat that you carry around your middle. The first is called subcutaneous fat. It is located under the skin and above the muscles. The second type of fat carried around the middle is called the fat of the sufferer. It lies deep in the abdomen beneath your muscle tissue and sometimes surrounds your organs. This will often give the guy a "beer belly" look. Stomach is sticky and it also hurts when it's rejected.

Both types of fat are not good. But recent research shows that visceral fat is more harmful than both of them. Both types of fat contribute to a long list of chronic health problems: cancer, sleep apnea, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease to name a few.

To improve your quality of life one of your top priorities is to reduce your belly fat.

You need to understand that there are no quick bullets or magic bullets. There are no pills or supplements that will help you lose weight faster.

The only solution to consistently lose your belly fat and avoid it well is to incorporate a life-changing diet consisting of more natural foods and exercise routines that stimulate your body's metabolism. If you are going to get this right, you need to reduce your intake and exercise a reasonable training program. Long-term removal of belly fat would not have happened without both.

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