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Vitamins and Nutrient Deficiency Causes Hair Fall and Hair Loss

The average person loses about 100 strands of hair daily. But did you know that a lack of vitamins and nutrients can cause more strands to fall out of your head? Hair loss is a concern for many women because of their long hair. Find out if your diet contains the vitamins and nutrients needed to prevent hair loss from vitamin deficiency. Read it before it can cause hair loss.

The majority of cases of hair loss with women are due to stress. But due to an unhealthy diet, many are shouting about hair loss. The lack of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed is one of the main causes of hair loss.

If you are iron deficient, especially when you have anemia, you will see more hair fall. It can be improved with iron supplements for your diet. For more information and proper guidance, see your doctor about this problem.

Hormone imbalance can also cause hair and baldness problems. There is a problem with the thyroid causing your strands to fall off quickly. Hormone therapy with the help of your doctor can help with this problem.

Excessive fatty acids in one's diet can also cause hair loss. Fatty acids can accumulate in your scalp causing them to dry, making them vulnerable to hair loss. Fortunately, a good shampoo for dry scalp can help with this hair loss.

One of the best remedies for hair loss is to take two biotin pills daily. This is also called vitamin H or B7. As a caveat, limit not more than 8000 milligrams of biotin. Within a few weeks, you will see results with your hair.


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