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Velocity Diet Review

If you are looking for one of the most intense diets and exercise plans than I have a plan for you. The hardest diet / exercise program I've ever tried is the Velocity Diet. I found this diet at T-Nation, which is a website dedicated to bodybuilding. However this diet is specific to body transformation over 4 weeks of frame time.

So when I did this diet, I did a program with my brother and we had different goals. I have been working consistently for years and trying to lose extra body fat without losing muscle. My brother just started working and now wants to lose extra weight. He came out of shape which is one of the things that diet says he can't do. You should not go into this plan if you have not been working for a while as it can be quite frustrating at times.

The dietary premise is that you get 5 times a day on non-exercise days and you get 6 times on exercise days. Now the hard part is that all your food is protein shakes with other supplements. It may appear that you are starving yourself but each meal is more than a few calories and based on your weight starts. In my days, I had about 1500 calories and then on my training days, I got a little over 1800 calories. My brother has gained a lot because he weighs about 60 pounds more than me. Shakes are made up of most protein powders, so your metabolism, BCAA supplementation, is increasing to help you recover and the nutrients are basically dried vegetables until you get all your nutrients. On the day you exercise, you will find additional shakes that you can find at It's a special shake built for recovery and probably the best part of the diet because it tastes good. The worst part about it is that we buy the same flavor as protein powder. Therefore, we have 5 shakes a day for a 4 week program and never taste different. I would suggest getting some flavors for different varieties. If you go to the T-Nation website, it will tell you how much protein you need for the 4-week program. There is also one night a week where you can eat regularly. It should be made up of lean protein and vegetables and fruits. You are allowed to eat as much as you want. The purpose of this is to help change your taste. Once we were done with the diet we found that we continued to eat healthy foods and did not crave a lot of fatty foods.

The next part of the diet is the exercise plan. So during the program you exercise 4 times a week. You have 3 normal exercises consisting of full weight lifting. This week's fourth exercise is what they call V-Burn. So for your training, they break it down into 3 categories, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. For our training, we did intermediate and I found it challenging and had my heart rate all the time. My brother feels the training where so much. This may be due to the fact that he did not work much before starting. After the first two exercises he actually threw. V-Burn is the fourth exercise consisting of 8 weight exercises. You do 10 reps per workout and then go to the next lift. Once you finish each exercise you repeat the entire circuit 6 times. This is a time trial and every week you try and beat your time from last week. The first week I did my 45 minute trial and finally I did it in 22 minutes. My brother couldn't finish the first two weeks but in the end he was able to do it in 35 minutes. The last activity you do is what they call NEPA. It's on days you don't work and you can walk around for 30-60 minutes. This is just to burn extra calories and help burn extra fat.

So our decision during the program was great. You should lose weight once a week at the same time. You should also have a measuring tape so you can see where you lost inches. You should also take pictures every week so you can see the difference. In our first week, I lost almost 9 pounds and my brother lost about 14 pounds. After the first week its not too much but that's why you have a measuring tape. After the first week I only lost about an extra 2-3 pounds a week but I still lost the same amount every week. The reason for this is because I can maintain my muscles and actually gain some. My brother still loses about 4 pounds a week. In the end I lost about 15 pounds and my sister lost about 28 pounds for 28 days. My body fat dropped by about 6 percent in those 4 weeks, which is a lot since I started weighing around 190 and I'm fine. I'm 6 & # 39; 3.


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