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The Effects of Excess Abdominal Fat on the Heart

It seems like more people are walking around with some kind of extra belly fat in their body. Not too many people will feel comfortable walking with half-shirts on showing their abs when there is an extra bulge. Not only do people become aware of fat but it can cause a toll on their heart too.

Everyone is born with fat in the abdomen. There is fat that actually covers a person's hips. This fat is better known as subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat lies beneath your skin and on your abdominal muscles.

Even deeper in the abdomen is a second fat called visceral fat. The visceral fat is the whole of the body's organs located beneath the muscle. When people have what is known as a beer belly, it is caused by visceral fat.

When one of the fats comes out of control in the abdominal area there will be health problems for a person. The risk is very high for diabetes, blood pressure can be high, heart problems will develop, stroke, lack of sleep, and various cancers to name a few.

When people see a bulge starting in the intestine, they have to control the problem before it gets out of control. Losing belly fat has never been easy and it will take some work before the difference becomes apparent. There are two things that happen when trying to get the killer's stomach back. Healthy eating and exercise will help you lose fat so that people will not be at high risk for health problems.

People should stop eating fast foods that are dripping with oil and start eating more vegetables, fruits, and smaller foods. The stomach may grow between foods but not to get a bag of apples to pick up apples. Eating healthy is difficult but over time it will become natural and people will start to feel healthier.

To lose belly fat there must be a good exercise program in place. This exercise can be done in the comfort of home or at the gym. Don't think a million tummy crunches are all work to be done. Before one can build a stomach and have much to look for after abs, the fat needs to be removed first.

Before starting any exercise or diet program always check with your doctor first. A doctor can guide someone on how much exercise can be done safely to begin with.


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