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The Benefits of a Good Cardio Program

If you like heavy trains, then this is not to say that you embrace the challenge, and the rewards are easy. Rewards beat your personal bests, and the feeling you get from a great pump. But if you're like me, you have no desire to do any cardio. The time devoted to cardiovascular exercises may seem like you are burning a muscle built by lifting hard, but you are not. You revealed it.

If gaining mass is all that you are focused on, you will soon be unable to see the details of your muscles and binding, but there is balance. You need cardio. Don't worry, you don't have to run marathons, or spend hours in the machine.

You need cardio work to keep your heart healthy. A good, strong, and healthy heart will flow blood to the developing muscles more efficiently than the weak ones. The work you do must be done with high intensity and effort. If you do not include these 2 in your training program, you will spin your wheels.

You don't use the train the same way all year long. The same goes for your cardiovascular exercises. When you try to add some muscle, your cardio should be kept to a minimum. This will limit how much energy is spent during the cardio portion of your program. Be sure to replace your routine.

Some people believe that too much cardio will affect their ability to recover from heavy weight training. It all depends on when and how you do your workouts. Keep your cardio and strength days as far as you can. That way it will not take any advantage of the strength you will gain through weight lifting. If you need to do cardio on the day you are going to lift it hard, make sure that it emphasizes the trained body part.

Another good thing to know is that you have to perform some kind of resistance in exercise. Changing the gear on your bike, or the factory grade will do this great. Just be sure to find the level of resistance that will not be taken from your weight training.

Reducing the impact of your workouts will be easier on your muscles and joints. This includes walking on hard surfaces for any distance or time. It's best to use an elliptical machine, or go for a bike ride. They both have very fluid movements.

Your body consumes more energy overall when you train at a high intensity level. Going out will also help you better manage your time. Try to keep your cardio 10 to 15 minutes very intense. Affected by exercises that will present intense short training.

Depending on your goals, there are several ways to approach cardio exercise. Pick one and run with it.


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