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Sweating, Workouts and Losing Weight

We might think that a strong workout that produces a lot of sweat actually works out of calories and burns a lot of fat. And, that's right.

Many people associate the burning of fat calories with exercise with the sweat that results from exercise. After all, everyone says that the more prestigious you train and the longer you train, the more fat you will burn. And, when you go to the fitness center you see all kinds of people doing sweat.

Therefore, anyone who imagines it is clear to associate sweat with exercise and fat reduction.

However, difficulties arise when people are looking for shortcuts. They think that any activity that causes them to sweat will burn fat. They often conclude that they can only do something that causes them to sweat without exercising. For example, I was in a sauna one day with someone else. who really did a lot of exercise, and he said he really liked the sauna because it made him sweat and really helped burn more fat.

However, this is not a good idea. It's not like that. This is why.

When you work your muscles you need energy to contract. They get this energy from carbohydrates, fats, and sometimes protein. One aspect of energy production is the Krebs cycle. The basic reason for the Krebs cycle is to produce a compound commonly called ATP that supplies energy to the cell. The production of ATP requires the oxidation or burning of carbohydrates, fats, or proteins. The whole procedure produces heat

You may notice that for a few minutes after you finish your workout, you keep sweating. You continue to sweat as the Krebs cycle continues to replenish your energy reserves after being exhausted by your work. The heat generated by this process keeps you sweating for a few minutes until your energy supply returns to normal.

The heat of the process generates everything and as soon as your training must be removed from your body to maintain your natural temperature. Sweat helps the body maintain a stable temperature. Therefore, you sweat because your body burns carbohydrates, fats, or proteins to produce energy for your training and recovery.

Like my friend, many people just want to go straight into perspective and not practice. Therefore, they take a sauna (even without working), wear extra heat while calisthenic, or pack themselves in a garbage bag, all intended to produce extra sweat.

However, what happens is that they add heat to their bodies in the sauna or keep heat from leaving the body in heat-insulated clothing. So they're sweating. However, the sweat is not caused by the fat burning energy. They are sweating because the environment is hot. Not only that, but, with all those sweating, they only lose the weight of water (as a sweat) that has evaporated from their body, but the fat remains.

To burn a lot of fat, your muscles must use a lot of energy and the fat must be converted to replacement energy. There is no shortcut to burn fat. Fat burning requires exercise. Exercise is strong.


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