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Prevent Loss of Hair: Quick Tips to Keep Your Tresses

Preventing Hair Loss is an article I thought I would never need to read. I always feel proud of my shoulder hair and the hairdresser goes over to cut my hair because it is so thick and it does exactly what it feels like. Compared to my girlfriend who would complain to her she flew away with very thin, very thin hair. She would look at my hair and say I hoped my hair was like yours, and we would laugh, because we both knew we were never satisfied with what we were given.

I took a shower one day and looked down to see a full drain of hair not thinking that my hair was blaming the children for not cleaning the bathroom and cleaning the excess family hair from the plug. I finished my bath and started blowing my hair dry and that is when I became anxious because the brush had a lot of my hair in it. As I ran my fingers through my hair, the hairbrush was coming out. That's all the evidence I need to convince me to visit my doctor. After the blood test battery it was revealed that I had hypothyroidism (under active thyroid disease). I have recently learned that hair loss can be an early sign of the disease.

Although I have been prescribed pills to respond to hypothyroidism I am told that it may take several weeks to get my individual dose right and the symptoms of hair loss can still occur. I read everything I could to help me figure out why people lose their hair, and there are basically a variety of reasons and in some cases there is no reason why your tresses are falling. You may be lucky because I know that as long as my medication is in line and replacing what my body does not produce, I will get better. This is also a case of people who need cancer treating drugs that can also bear short hair loss and the higher side is that after a period of time it can grow back sometimes better than when you have a full head of hair.

I found the following tips helpful in minimizing my hair loss:

• Towels dry your hair from drying

• Refrain from using hair colors or cosmetics that contain harmful chemicals

• Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco all affect the immune system. Take a look at these ingredients to give your body a better chance of recovery

• Look at relaxing techniques as the more you worry about losing your chess the more you will lose. Take a look at simple walks, yoga or meditation to help you relax

• Do not brush too much of your toothbrush or product

• Pay attention to your diet and increase your protein as this is the building block used by your body to repair itself and the best source of protein is milk, egg white and fish.

• If you can help her do not wear a wig as this will not let your scalp breathe

• When swimming to the beach or pool make sure you rinse your hair as soon as you stop swimming to remove harmful chemicals in the pool and salt water from the beach will also dry out.


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