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Paleo Diet? But We're Not Cavemen Anymore

So, what is this Paleo diet I hear? The Paleo diet is also known as the "Caveman" diet, which is basically what our ancestors ate. Unprocessed food. Meat, eggs, fish, fruits and vegetables. No starch, processing sugars, cereals or boxed foods. Basically, if you can hunt (or choose it) it's probably Paleo.

While it may take a bit of adjustment to start eating Paleo, as most are not too difficult. The hardest part is learning how to shop. Most of us already eat the basic foods in the Paleo diet, we just eat them differently. For starters, instead of cereals or oats, you'll choose strawberries and eggs. Instead of lasagna wrapped for dinner, you will eat fish and vegetables.

Will Following the Paleo Diet mean I Can't Eat Some Things?

Of course, there will be things you need to cut down on your current diet and you may miss them. Temporarily. But once you see and feel the difference in your body from eating a physiologically natural diet, you will never look back. Like I said: Most of us already eat paleo foods. Therefore, most will deduct what is not paleo and rethink the way you buy what is paleo.

Shopping at Paleo Diets

Meat / Fish: Instead of buying a piece of bacon and beef wrapped up, look at your local options. Local butchers or local farms for pork, chicken and beef. A seafood house for your fish. Prices are * probably * slightly higher (we talk about the difference of a few cents a pound in most places) but I find them to be the same and sometimes cheaper. It has never been better for the local economy.

Fruits and Vegetables: From frozen broccoli and canned carrots, again, look local. Most places have u-pick farms or other products that stand out and shop near them as big box stores. One of the key keys to successful paleo nutrition is to get it as fresh from the plant as possible.

When you think about the costs of this: From time to time you will find what you need to be a little more expensive. But, that's fine. Not only are you feeding your family and your family healthier food, you are also feeding into your local economy!


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