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One of These Reasons May Be the Cause of Puppy Diarrhea

Younger dogs can become sick with diarrhea faster than older dogs, due to dehydration that can occur within 24 hours.

Many times when you first bring your dog home, they are under a lot of pressure. Although she moved to a loving family she has lived with, in one day more than she has had for a short life so far. She will miss her mother and maybe some annoying people, the smell that has been used since birth, traveling in the car can be stressful, even loving too much can cause your dog to feel overwhelmed.

Once your puppy has settled in a new home, the diarrhea should subsist, usually within a few days. At the same time supply fresh water and make sure she drinks frequently. Try to avoid overstimulation at first. It is natural that everyone wants a pet and takes the puppy; everyone likes cute and cuddly guys or gal. It may be hard to resist but provides a quiet space where your new puppy can rest at any time of the day. There are natural remedies that can also help your dog during diet and environmental changes. Holistic remedies for diarrhea in puppies such as plantains can help the digestive system and mucous membranes or coat of women to lift impurities. These medicines are also very good to use when puppies are slaughtered as hard drugs that destroy good bacteria.

If you buy your new puppy from a breeder, they will give you the most suitable food for the breed as well as what they used to eat so their tummies will not be disappointed. Changes in diet are the next cause for diarrhea in children. If you get your puppy from the Humane Society the diet may not be optimal. If the dog had eaten something different before the Humane Society or the pound, the food would have changed once they arrived and then again after they had adapted. No wonder they got puppy diarrhea! In the future they are constantly changing their diet so you can avoid further outbreaks.

Other reasons for children's diarrhea are something they eat around the house; rope, plastic, and so forth, but not just diarrhea you need to worry about. Depending on the object being swallowed they may also experience blockage in the GI tract. Certain edible flowers cause poisoning. A list of toxic plants can be found on the ASPCA site.

Other causes for diarrhea are parasites or viral infections that need to be taken care of. However, if your puppy looks happy instead, eating and drinking water may be a new environment or a change in diet. Sometimes fasting late at night and then eating regular chicken soup along with some cooked sweet potato can increase diarrhea. If he does better try ground chicken or turkey cooked with no bones and again sweet potatoes. If diarrhea persists, it may be time for your veterinarian.


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